Get Up to $26,000 per Employee With the ERC Tax Credit!

Has the pandemic affected your business?
Is your business suffering supply chain issues?
Are governmental orders restricting operations?
Has your business suffered a decline in revenue?
... you may be able to get a tax credit worth thousands! And we can help!

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Let Us Help You Obtain Tens of Thousands of Dollars for Your Business That You Do Not Have To Pay Back!

Our team of experienced tax professionals work with business owners to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from this government program.

You may qualify for the ERC credit even if you took out a business PPP loan.

Employers throughout the country are claiming up to $26,000 per employee with the "ERC tax credit"! Don't miss out.

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You may be entitled to this significant cash benefit - see for yourself!

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) rewards business owners for their efforts to keep their employees on payroll during the global pandemic even if the employees were unable to work due to COVID-19.

The ERC provides employers with a refundable payroll tax credit for “qualified wages” paid to full-time employees.

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Don't Wait Another Day

Contact us now to get what you deserve. You may be eligible for the ERC if:

  • A governmental order limited your business's operations by forcing it to close
  • required capacity restrictions on your business
  • otherwise restricted your business's functions

You also may be eligible if your business saw a significant decline in revenue in any quarter since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic through 3Q 2021.

Sound familiar? If so, let us help you get the credit you deserve!

The total amount of the credit is based on the wages paid by the business to its employees during the eligible time period. We can help you maximize your credit. There's no catch! Contact us today.

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Don't Wait - Act Now!

The ERC is one of the most financially worthwhile benefits available to employers!

Find Out Whether You Are an Eligible Employer

If you operated a trade or business (including a tax-exempt organization) during 2020 or 2021, you may qualify!

The ERC credit applies to qualified wages (including certain health plan expenses) paid during this period or any calendar quarter in which operations were suspended.

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Did Your Business Struggle Because of the Pandemic With...

  • Full shutdowns
  • Partial shutdowns
  • Interrupted operations
  • Supply chain interruptions
  • Inability to access equipment
  • Limited capacity to operate
  • Inability to work with your vendors
  • Reduction in services or goods offered to your customers
  • Cut down in your hours of operation
  • Shifting hours to increase sanitation of your facility?

If so, you may be able to claim a credit in the TENS OF THOUSANDS!

What do you have to lose? Well, potentially a lot of money!

Don't let this opportunity slip away! Answer a few questions to find out whether you are eligible to file for an ERC credit for your business.

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Need Help With Your Employee Retention Credit?

We've got you covered.

If so, you may be able to claim a credit in the TENS OF THOUSANDS!

Millions of dollars are available as a reward to business owners who kept employees on payroll during the pandemic.

But the rules for qualifying are complicated and mercurial.

Let our professionals help you maximize your credit, allowing you to focus on your business and the bottom line. YOU PAY $0 UNLESS WE RECOVER FOR YOU!

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Dont' Miss Out

Business owners throughout the country are being rewarded for keeping employees on payroll during the pandemic.

Your business may be eligible receive up to six to seven figures in refunds if the business had to make adjustments over the last 2 years due to supply chain issues, capacity limitations, project delays or other pandemic-related impacts.